Marketing Ingenious Project

Sai Lo – Conscious Life Coach

Local Spiritual & Life Coach Leader – Sai Lo needed a website that could reflect her uniqueness. Smooth, bright and airy, this website pushes the boundaries of customization both on computer and mobile. A unique piece for a unique client. Of course, we also took care of all the SEO optimization.

Client Sai Lo Marketing Ingenious

Our Approach & Solution

Website Design

Sai Lo is a Spiritual and Life Coach based in Miami.

Sai had a very clear and precise vision of the website she wanted. Light, airy, graceful, easy to navigate and, above all, authentic, just like her.
The priority was to make the site accessible on both computer and mobile, guaranteeing the best possible experience for her visitors, enabling them to navigate easily from one page to the next, without confusion.
We also wanted to bring a touch of originality to the design, emphasizing on atypical and elegant buttons, while respecting the overall look of the site.
Moreover, we integrated her social networks, and more specifically the news feed of her instagram account, in order to promote the content of the account directly on the site.
She wanted to be able to update her site in the future, changing photos and text as she saw fit. That’s why we included two hours of post-delivery training in our quote.
The result of our collaboration with Sai Lo is an elegant, genuine website that pushes the boundaries of customization to new frontiers. It’s a site that makes her proud, as it does us.

SEO Optimization

To help Sai Lo establish herself in the coaching landscape where she is located, Miami, we implemented an On-Site SEO strategy.
It all starts with page optimization, taking care to tag content correctly, using proper meta tags and descriptions as well as clean URLs.
Media were also retouched and optimized, to ensure the ideal size and weight for the fastest possible page and site loading.
The website was internally meshed to link pages together and ensure smooth navigation. In addition, the site has been fully optimized for mobile use.

Marketing Ingenious Project Sai Lo
Sai Lo Project Marketing Ingenious
Project Sai Lo Marketing Ingenious

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