Marketing Ingenious Project

Florida Screen Repair

For a number of years, the owner of Florida Screen Repair had been keen to upgrade his website, which he had made himself using Wix, and he entrusted us with that task.
Tailor-made design, graphic overhaul, content management and training for fully autonomous use – a job well done.

Client Florida Screen Repair Marketing Ingenious

Our Approach & Solution

Website Design

The owner of Florida Screen Repair had created his company’s website via the Wix platform, using a ready-made template that, despite the customer’s best efforts, lacked originality and ergonomics.
After several years, the website was outdated and its owner wanted to renew it, modernize it and optimize it to improve its SEO performances.
In order to give him the website he deserved, we presented the customer with 3 tailor-made designs that could be customized as desired. We then focused on integrating existing content, while adding new photos. We also added a few animations to liven up the website.
Furthermore, as this is not an e-commerce website, its strength lies in its ability to generate contacts. That’s why a dynamic, easy-to-fill-in contact form has been integrated, along with buttons that effectively guide the user’s path to making contact.
The customer wanted to be able to update his site, adding, modifying or deleting both text and media content, to feed his blog and add new photos of his creations. Thanks to the WordPress administrator interface and a few hours’ training, the owner of Florida Screen Repair was able to manage his site independently. 

SEO Optimization

One of the big problems with the old Wix website was its SEO. Thanks to WordPress, we were able to radically optimize the new site, even going so far as to create some well-targeted marketing content. Website architecture optimization, keyword integration, image optimization, page and blog markup, sitemap creation and much more. The site is now in the top 3 of Google results for the search “Screen Repair Florida”.
Mission accomplished!

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Marketing Ingenious Project Florida Screen Repair 1
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